Disrupting Science Marketing to Meet Urgent Global Needs

We are in the midst of a booming age of scientific discovery and innovation. Every day, we read about breakthroughs in climate science, the latest research in medicine to fight global virus outbreaks, solutions to harness and distribute energy efficiently, or ways to prevent food insecurity and water scarcity. Among other social issues and health crises, these research missions are the most critically important initiatives of our lives.

Yet, there is much work to do to build awareness for these causes. We absolutely must communicate the need for funding, government intervention, new public policies and we must do a better job of marketing these compelling and innovative solutions to consumers. One challenge is clear: many nonprofit organizations — those who are actually leading the science — are not positioned to meet these formidable marketing and communications needs. They are often not funded well, and they simply cannot provide the data-driven, outcome-focused marketing required to match the contemporary best practices of their corporate counterparts in telling their own brand story. And it’s not just the creative or the storytelling. Often, they lack the audience, distribution and reach that is required to build broad awareness.

This is why I founded ScientificBrands. The need for scientific progress deserves an elite agency dedicated to accelerating the growth and success of organizations leading the charge. As an agency and strategic consultancy, we are partners to innovative organizations. We recruit and engage top talent that can research, strategize and plan, and deliver powerful brands, campaigns and signature marketing assets designed to yield maximum ROI. ScientificBrands delivers important business and brand value through amplified marketing and communications for organizations positioned in science, research, and technology — those seeking to expand our knowledge, change the world, save lives, and improve the quality of life for millions.

Our agency is new and I would love to hear your insights, ideas and opinions.

• Visit our new website at ScientificBrands.com and share your thoughts.

• Send me a note at dwayne@scientificbrands.com and feel free to suggest ideas.

• Also, please support us and follow ScientificBrands on LinkedIn for news and updates.

As we face the most serious threats of our generation, I hope you will join me. Let’s raise broad awareness for these environmental, health, medical and social causes. Let’s elevate the marketing efforts of the organizations that are best positioned to deliver solutions. At ScientificBrands, I pledge to work tirelessly to tell their stories with maximum impact and effectiveness.

Thank you for being a part of this important work.



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